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Earn rewards effortlessly on popular cryptocurrencies.

Yield Vault returns


YieldVault is beginner-friendly service enabled by DeFi that allows you to easily earn rewards on today’s most popular crypto.

Put your crypto to work

Simply allocate your crypto and watch it generate rewards every 12 hours. It’s that easy.

Choose your rewards

Opt to earn the same type of crypto that you allocated, or opt for Decentralized USD (DUSD) for a chance to earn higher yields.

Complete transparency

No black boxes here - you can track and verify all transactions and rewards on-chain. Head to our Transparency page to learn more.

Zero lockup

With the ability to redeem allocations and rewards at any time, you have total control over your assets.

How does it work?


Allocate funds

Allocate funds

To get started, simply allocate your preferred crypto into YieldVault.


Receive rewards

Receive rewards

Rewards are generated by "minting" DUSD using negative interest rates. These rewards are either directly distributed back to you in DUSD or swaped for other crypto tokens.


Sit back and relax

Bake manages this entire process, so you don’t have to do anything extra after you’ve allocated your funds.

Questions? Answers

What rewards do I get?

You may opt to earn the same type of crypto that you allocated (BTC, ETH etc.) or opt for DUSD to earn higher yields.

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The popular cryptocurrencies are supported with our YieldVault service. You may allocate Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), USD Coin (USDC), Tether (USDT), EURO Coin (EUROC), DeFiChain (DFI) and Decentralized USD (DUSD) tokens.

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Rewards through DeFiChain vaults are generated by depositing collateral, which allows for the minting of DUSD through negative interest rates. If you choose to receive rewards in the native token you deposited, the minted DUSD is swapped into that coin (e.g. DUSD to BTC or ETH) before being distributed to you. However, if you choose to receive rewards in DUSD, there is no swap and a higher APY. Your deposited collateral is not used for lending or liquidity mining, so there are no counterparty or impermanent loss risks for you

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We understand the importance of keeping your crypto assets safe, which is why we provide full transparency on how we manage your funds. With YieldVault, you can track all transactions, rewards and other on-chain data on our Transparency page. We believe in trust through verification, which is why we make it easy for you to see exactly what's happening with your assets.

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The APY and returns you see displayed are net of all fees. After allocating your funds into YieldVault, there are no hidden or additional fees. Bake takes a 15% commission on all rewards for YieldVault.

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Yes, you can. There’s no lockup period.

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While YieldVault does not involve impermanent loss or counterparty risks, there are still some potential risks to be aware of. These include smart contract, protocol, and liquidation risks. Before investing in any cryptocurrency, it's important to do your own research (DYOR) to understand the potential risks associated with DeFi investments.

It's also important to note that YieldVault may be updated or changed in the future, depending on the status of negative interest rates from DUSD loans. This could result in a gradual reduction of yields or a shift to a different yield-generating mechanism. While we do not expect any changes in the near future, users should stay informed and exercise caution.

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