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Which plan is right for me?

ELITE yearly, the premier package for exclusive invite-only releases, maximum reward boosters and VIP priority.

To identify the plan that optimally suits your needs, make sure to keep track of your monthly rewards.

Whichever plan is right for you, it's 100% return on your investment and more when you reach the reward booster amount, which is in accordance with how much you allocate on Bake. Read our FAQs below to learn more.


Questions? Answers.

a) ELITE is the membership program that allows you to get more cash flow on your crypto, and greater benefits beyond what you invest in. To put it simply, if you commit $9.99 to ELITE monthly, you’ll get up to $15 worth of additional returns from the reward booster. This means you get the 100% initial commitment back, and 50% more.

b) With the reward booster, think of it as DCA, but more. You receive a fixed amount of cryptocurrency each time you commit to the amount for the ELITE membership. This allows you to accumulate crypto rewards over time, irrespective of its fluctuating market price.

c) You’ll also get access to other exclusive benefits and privileges, such as free withdrawals, priority withdrawals, swift customer support, and access to an exclusive Telegram group where you can connect with other ELITE members.

The key difference between the yearly and monthly membership is the reward booster amount and the boost cap. ELITE yearly members get an up to 2.5X reward booster - with $1,000, you get back up to $1,200 returns back in a year. ELITE monthly members get a 2X reward booster - with $9.99, you get back up to $15 returns every month.

Additionally, ELITE yearly get access to other exclusive privileges and benefits that are available immediately upon joining the program; whereas they are available to monthly members only in the following months. You can expect more benefits and possibly more tiers to be added in the future. 

The reward booster is a multiplier on the base rewards that you earn by 2X or 2.5X depending on the ELITE membership tier.

To illustrate, let’s say you are earning $10 a month in rewards from your allocations on Bake. With ELITE monthly, you'll get up to $15 word of additional returns from the Reward Booster. This means you get 100% of your initial investment back and 50% more.

The monthly boost cap is basically stating the maximum amount of extra rewards that you can get with the reward booster. 

With the monthly plan, you can get additional rewards of up to $15 per month. With the yearly plan, you can get additional rewards up to $100 per month. 

The reward booster will be applicable to the following services:

- Staking

- Liquidity Mining

- YieldVault

The reward booster will not be applicable to Borrow and Referral Rewards.

Bake may update the reward booster’s applicability to its services from time-to-time on this page, or in its Terms & Conditions.

Payouts from the reward booster will be paid in-kind, i.e. in the cryptocurrency that you have allocated.

One exception is Liquidity Mining, where the reward booster payouts will be in DFI.
For e.g. if you have allocations in BTC-DFI Liquidity Mining and ETH staking and are an ELITE, you will receive payouts in DFI and ETH.*

*This would be the case if the reward booster amount is below the maximum limit specified by Bake (the “cap”). If the amount exceeds the cap, the distribution of the reward booster will be based on the reward payout schedule for the product(s) that you have allocations in.

This depends on whether the total reward booster payout amount for the eligible products exceeds the maximum limit specified by Bake (the “cap”).

- If it’s below the cap, you’ll receive a reward booster on all rewards generated from your allocations.

- If it exceeds the cap, the reward booster will be paid out based on the reward payout schedule, up till the cap is reached. (The reward payout schedule refers to when the normal rewards are paid out for the products that you have allocations in.)

For example, if you have allocations in Staking and Liquidity Mining, and the Staking rewards are paid out prior to the Liquidity Mining rewards, you will receive a reward booster on the Staking rewards up till the cap is reached, and there will not be any reward booster on the Liquidity Mining rewards.

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