Control your
financial destiny

Founded in 2019, Bake is the retail vertical of Cake Group, one of Southeast Asia's fastest growing digital assets innovators. Bake is headquartered and registered in Singapore.


Bake is designed with full transparency, ease-of-use and aligned interest with our customers in mind.

Level the investment playing field

Our mission is to level the investment playing field. We do that by empowering anyone to control their financial destiny, and control is a matter of taking action.

The future we aspire to build

A world where anyone can have the financial means, autonomy and control to live life on their own terms without undue financial constraints.

How it started. How it's going





Cake DeFi is now Bake

As a verb, our new name implies action and symbolises our commitment to our customers.

Rolled out travel rule compliance with Notabene

Underscores our commitment to security, while keeping up with worldwide regulations.

Published Merkle Tree-based Proof of Reserves & liabilities

Users can now independently verify their assets and balances.

Launch of B2B Arm - Levain in Q2 2022

As a verb, our new name implies action and symbolises our commitment to our customers.

1M+ users from over 190 countries

Launches ETH staking via Singapore-based nodes.

Launch of Birthday Research in Q3 2022

Commits to investing US$50M in R&D over the next 4 years.

Commits US$1M to ESG initiatives

Supporting the growth of a sustainable DeFi ecosystem and CSR programs.


Cake DeFi secures license to operate as a regulated crypto platform in Lithuania.


Launch of our new chatbot, “Coco’ on the platform.

Launch of Whisk Ventures in Q1’22

US$100M earmarked for investments into Web3 and DeFi startups.

US$230M reward payouts in 2021

Customer assets grew by 500% in 2021.

Hit ~US$100M revenue in Q2’21

Launch of mobile app and revamped referral program.

HIT us$500M Customer assets in q1’21

Hit 100K users and US$40M net equity.

Founded in 2019

Founded by Dr. Julian Hosp and U-Zyn Chua.

Real people working hard to make your assets work harder

Bake was founded in 2019 by Dr. Julian Hosp and U-Zyn Chua to allow everyone to easily invest and earn a stable cash flow from their cryptocurrencies. We are innovators from diverse backgrounds and industries.

Dr. Julian Hosp

Dr. Julian Hosp

CEO & Co-Founder
U-Zyn Chua

U-Zyn Chua

CTO & Co-Founder
Daniel Lo

Daniel Lo

Chief Legal Officer
Ping Lai Tan

Ping Lai Tan

Chief Financial Officer
Maik Lutze

Maik Lutze

Chief Design Officer
Ying Zhong Ng

Ying Zhong Ng

Chief Product Officer
Joana Liew

Joana Liew

Chief Human Resources Officer

Our unyielding principles

We live and breathe our core values. No effort is spared in ensuring they're upheld at every opportunity.


Judge based on merits. Make ethical decisions aligned with the company’s best interest.


Be accountable, reliable, and act like a business owner.


Find or create solutions. Take action and iterate along the way.

Meritocratic Decision-making

Argue based on data and facts. Reason over emotion.

Radical Candor

Over-communicate. Be respectful when giving feedback and generous when giving praise.

Customer Obsession

Build, work and act with the customer in mind.

Relentless Impact

Go the extra mile. Constantly strive to grow, learn and improve.

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