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Build your personalized portfolio by selecting and combining multiple cryptocurrencies into a single custom smart bundle. Tailor the asset ratios to match your investment strategy and simplify your crypto management.




Share your custom smart bundle with others. Promote your unique investment strategy across your social media channels and networks, helping others benefit from your insights and expertise.




Earn commissions every time someone invests in your custom smart bundle. Maximize your earnings through seamless staking and by growing your audience, making your crypto knowledge work for you.

Earn up to 50% commission

Earn commission based on the total investment value of custom bundles. You'll receive up to 50% of Bake's 1% platform fee for every bundle you recommend and sell.

TierTotal investment in Custom Bundle (USD)Commission %

Referral Bonus

Receive an extra $5 referral bonus when a new user signs up through your custom bundle link and purchases $250 worth of any bundle on Bake. Plus, the new user will also enjoy a $5 welcome bonus.

Calculate your earnings

Number of Buyers
Number of Buyers
Average Amount Invested
Average Amount Invested
New Sign-ups
New Sign-ups

Commission Earned


Total Sign-up Bonus


Total Amount Earned


Bundles built by others

Man's Best Friend
Smart Bundle by Clarence

Man's Best Friend

The ultimate crypto coin bundle for dog lovers and meme enthusiasts! Man's Best Friend offers a unique opportunity to diversify your portfolio while celebrating your love for dogs. Unleash the potential of your investments with this playful and profitable bundle!


4 Assets

Ways to buy
Degen Meme Zoo
Smart Bundle by Matt

Degen Meme Zoo

This apex predator of bundles is packed with opportunities for filthy gains. Crypto wildlife ready to moon at any moment. A diverse ecosystem of pure degeneracy - the ultimate hedge against sideways price action and boring stablecoins like Bitcoin. Only buy if you have diamond hands. This pack is nothing for lettuce hands. Load, lock and let the journey begin! 🚀


8 Assets

Ways to buy
Decentralized Blues
Smart Bundle by Henry

Decentralized Blues

4 well-established Blue-Chip DeFi projects that have managed to gain widespread recognition and trust within the crypto community due to providing innovation, utility and security.


4 Assets

Ways to buy
All About Cashflow
Smart Bundle by Ferhat

All About Cashflow

Introducing the All About Cashflow Bundle – your VIP ticket to financial freedom through effortless cashflow. This exclusive bundle features a handpicked selection of stakable coins, offering juicy staking rewards that grow your wealth on autopilot. After all, in the end, it's all about cashflow!


8 Assets

Ways to buy
2024 Bull Run Bag
Smart Bundle by John

2024 Bull Run Bag

Making life changing money in crypto is about following the correct narratives that others will invest in. 2024 Bull Run Bag exposes you to ALL the hot narratives of 2024.


5 Assets

Ways to buy
why bake hero

Why Bake?

Everything you need to discover the big ideas moving markets, and systematically grow your crypto portfolio.


Questions? Answers

What is the Custom Smart Bundles affiliate program?

Custom Smart Bundles enable you to create and share personalized investment strategies with your followers. By selecting a mix of crypto assets that align with your insights and expertise, you can offer your audience a unique and informed way to invest, leveraging your knowledge and content to guide their investment decisions.

You can try creating your Custom Smart Bundles right now. Head over to and see how easy it is to create a bundle with a custom affiliate link in less than 10 minutes!

Earn Commissions: Benefit from a 10-50% commission on every transaction from your Custom Smart Bundles.

Sign-Up Bonuses: Earn an additional reward for every new user who signs up to our platform through your link and buys at least one smart bundle worth $250.

  1. Share Your Link: Embed your affiliate link in your blogs, social media posts, or video descriptions where you discuss cryptocurrency investment strategies and share your insights.
  2. Earn Commissions and Bonuses: Receive a 10-50% commission each time someone purchases your bundle using your link. Receive a $5 Bonus for every new Sign Up who takes action on our platform. You and your new sign-up will receive a $5 Welcome Bonus after the new user purchases any Smart Bundle worth $250 minimum. Bake’s fee structure is fair and 100% transparent, ensuring you receive a substantial cut from each transaction.

  1. Create Your Bundle: Select crypto assets and design investment strategies.
  2. Share Your Insights: Use your unique affiliate link to promote your bundle.
  3. Earn Commissions: Receive earnings based on the investments made by your followers and bonuses for new sign-ups.

You will be paid in DFI.

No, once paid out your bonus will be available immediately

No, it’s completely free.

You will have access to a monthly report with all the metrics, which is currently in beta. It will be fully live as soon as possible.

Yes, as the bundles are fully customizable by the user, you will have the flexibility to use this kind of content.

Please note the list of excluded jurisdictions at the link here. Residents of these jurisdictions are excluded from Bake’s services. This includes participation in the affiliate program.

No, the transaction volume will reset at the beginning of each month.

To qualify for the sign-up bonus, a new user must purchase $250 worth of any Smart Bundle on Bake. It doesn't have to be a Custom Smart Bundle created by a specific creator or KOL.

These guidelines help Bake's operations team review and approve Custom Smart Bundles from KOLs, Associates and influencers, ensuring legal compliance and alignment with company values.

Bundle Creation and Content Approval
Cover Image: Must be appropriate, relevant, and copyright-compliant.
Description Text: Clear, accurate, and free from prohibited content like hate speech or misleading claims.

Ethical Considerations
Cultural Sensitivity: Avoid stereotypes, inappropriate language, and cultural misuse.
Inappropriate Content: Prohibit nudity, offensive language, hate speech, and drug abuse.
Historical Sensitivities: Mindful of sensitive historical contexts.
Inclusivity: Promote diversity and avoid biased representations.

Technical Validation
Link Functionality: Ensure correct link operation when copying it to your channels.
Data Security: Comply with data protection laws and best practices.

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