Terms and Conditions for Influencer Collaboration with Bake (Custom Smart Bundles)

1. Introduction

These Terms and Conditions govern the partnership between [Influencer's Name] ("Influencer") and Bake ("Company"), for the promotion of Bake’s Custom Smart Bundles feature. By creating a smart bundle, the Influencer agrees to adhere to these T&Cs.

2. Scope of Work

  • Content Creation: Influencer agrees to incorporate Bake’s Custom Smart Bundles as a call to action within their content, promoting the bundles using their unique affiliate link.

  • Promotion: Influencer will promote the bundles in a manner that is native to their existing content style, ensuring the promotion is seamless and authentic.

3. Compensation
  • Influencer will receive compensation based on the predefined commission structure, which includes a percentage of sales generated through their affiliate link and bonuses for new user sign-ups via the link.

  • Specific details of the compensation structure are outlined in the Influencer’s dashboard and subject to changes communicated by Bake in advance.

4. Exclusivity
  • Exclusivity Requirement: Influencer agrees not to promote competing cryptocurrency trading platforms or tools during the term of this agreement.

  • Duration of Exclusivity: The exclusivity will last for the duration of the influencer agreement, typically 12 months from the start date, unless otherwise renegotiated or terminated as per these T&Cs.

5. Intellectual Property
  • Influencer grants Bake the right to use their name, likeness, and content created for the promotion of the smart bundles for the duration of the agreement.

  • Bake retains all intellectual property rights to the Bake platform, its content, tools, and features, including the Custom Smart Bundles.

6. Obligations of Bake
  • Bake agrees to provide all necessary support and resources for the Influencer to successfully promote the smart bundles, including access to analytics, marketing materials, and platform support.

  • Bake commits to processing payments to the Influencer in a timely and accurate manner.

7. Obligations of Influencer
  • Influencer must ensure all content is compliant with applicable laws, including clear disclosure of the affiliate relationship as per FTC guidelines.

  • Influencer is responsible for maintaining the quality and integrity of the content, ensuring it aligns with Bake’s brand values and message.

8. Term and Termination
  • The agreement is effective from the date of smart bundle creation and continues until terminated by either party with a 30-day written notice.

  • Bake reserves the right to terminate the agreement immediately in the event of breach of these T&Cs by the Influencer.

9. Compliance and Legal
  • Influencer agrees to adhere to all relevant laws and regulations in the execution of their obligations under this agreement.

  • Any disputes arising from this agreement shall be resolved through arbitration in accordance with the laws of [Jurisdiction].

10. Amendment
  • These T&Cs may be amended by Bake at any time with prior notice to the Influencer. Continued participation in the program following such amendments constitutes acceptance of the new terms.

11. Acceptance

By creating a smart bundle and using the affiliate link provided, the Influencer acknowledges that they have read, understood, and agreed to these Terms and Conditions.

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