Approval Guidelines for Bake’s Custom Smart Bundles

1. Introduction

These guidelines are intended to assist the operations team at Bake in evaluating and approving custom smart bundles created by influencers. This document ensures all content associated with our brand adheres to legal standards and company values, maintaining a positive and respectful environment.

2. Bundle Creation and Content Approval

Asset Selection
  • Compliance with Trading Regulations: Verify that the selected combination of assets complies with trading laws and regulations in the user's jurisdiction.

  • Reputability of Assets: Ensure the cryptocurrencies included in the bundle continue to be from reputable sources and not associated with illegal activities. This should happen regularly even after the initial token assessments.

Cover Image
  • Appropriateness: The image must be suitable for a general audience, free from offensive, explicit, or sensitive content.

  • Relevance: The image should be relevant to the content of the bundle and not misleading.

  • Copyright Adherence: Confirm the image is either owned by the influencer or properly licensed for use.

Description Text
  • Clarity and Accuracy: Descriptions should clearly and accurately explain the bundle's contents and intended (investment strategies, personal reasons, can also be more creative, light, and fun approaches).

  • Prohibited Content: Ensure descriptions do not include hate speech, explicit content, violent language, misleading claims, or violate legal compliance.

3. Ethical Considerations

Cultural Sensitivity
  • Avoiding Stereotypes and Appropriation: Content must not generalize, marginalize, or trivialize cultural groups through stereotypes or misuse of cultural symbols.

  • Sensitive Language: Use language that respects all cultures and avoids terms that historically or currently may be considered insensitive or offensive.

Inappropriate and Offensive Content
  • Nudity and Sexual Content: Strictly prohibit any form of nudity or overtly sexual content that is not relevant to the topic.

  • Sexual Stereotypes: Avoid content that reinforces harmful sexual stereotypes or objectifies individuals.

  • Inappropriate Content: Content must not contain or promote illegal activities, offensive language, or hate speech.

  • Drug Abuse: Prohibit any depiction or promotion of drug abuse or the use of controlled substances unless it's part of a clear medical or educational narrative.

Sensitive Historical Context
  • Awareness of Historical Sensitivities: Be mindful of historical contexts that may be painful or controversial and avoid content that could evoke such sentiments.

Promoting Inclusivity
  • Diverse Representation: Ensure content promotes diversity and inclusivity, avoiding stereotypes or biased representations.

4. Technical Validation

  • Link Functionality: Ensure all links are functional and direct users as intended.

  • Data Security: Confirm compliance with data protection laws and best practices in data handling.

Bake Brand Guidelines and Values

Mission Statement

Bake empowers both novice and experienced investors by providing innovative tools and insights to navigate the cryptocurrency market efficiently. Our mission is to make crypto investment accessible, transparent, and profitable for everyone.

Brand Values

  • Integrity: We commit to honesty and transparency in all our operations and communications.

  • Innovation: Continuously pushing the boundaries of technology to provide our users with cutting-edge investment tools.

  • Education: Empowering our users with the knowledge they need to make informed investment decisions.

  • Community: Building a supportive and engaged community where all members can grow and succeed.

  • User-Centricity: Prioritizing the needs and feedback of our users to enhance their investing experience.

Visual Identity
  • Logo Usage: The Bake logo must not be altered in any way and should be clearly visible against any background.

  • Color Scheme: Utilize the Bake color palette, maintaining consistency across all visual media.

  • Typography: Use Bake-specific fonts for all written content to maintain a clean and professional appearance.

Voice and Tone
  • Professional yet Accessible: Communications should be clear and professional, yet accessible to both crypto beginners and experienced traders.

  • Positive and Empowering: Focus on empowering users with the confidence to invest and engage with the crypto market.

  • DYOR: Underline the importance of “Do Your Own Research” (DYOR) when sharing insights or expertise with the audience.

  • Educational: Aim to inform and educate, helping users understand complex concepts in simpler terms.

Content Standards
  • Accuracy: Ensure all factual information is accurate and up-to-date. Regularly review and update content as needed.

  • Non-promotional: While influencers can showcase the benefits of Bake, content should not feel overly promotional or salesy. Focus on providing value through education and insights.

  • Compliance and Transparency: Adhere to all regulatory compliance requirements, especially those pertaining to financial advice and disclosures.

Influencer Collaboration Guidelines
  • Alignment with Brand Values: Influencers must embody the core values of Bake and custom smart bundle USPs in their content.

  • Authenticity: Content should reflect genuine use and opinions of Bake’s services; scripted or forced messaging is discouraged.

  • Disclosure: Influencers must transparently disclose their partnership with Bake in every piece of content, following FTC guidelines.

Engagement Protocol
  • Responsiveness: Encourage active and thoughtful engagement with followers. Respond to comments and questions timely to foster community and support.

  • Feedback Incorporation: Listen to the community feedback through social media and adjust strategies and collaborative content accordingly.

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