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Grow your personal brand and monetize your influence. Earn rewards for sharing Bake with your community.

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What you’ll do

what you will do

The opportunity to amplify your personal brand across a million-strong Bake customers

Create content with a personal touch: knowledge sharing, investment ideas, and stories behind the alpha strategies

Spread the word on socials, promoting Bake, events and campaigns

Promote community engagement

Share feedback with the Bake team to help shape upcoming products and services

Ambassador benefits

How to become an Ambassador



Submit your application
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Application processed
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Questions? Answers

Who can be an ambassador?

If you’re passionate about building your personal brand and aligned with the mission of leveling the investment playing field - you can apply to be a Bake ambassador. We're looking for people who are excited to help us level the investment playing field and build a positive impact in our community.

We welcome diversity and want to share our mission with as many people as possible, so your content doesn’t have to be in English. We're happy to work with - and welcome - ambassadors who want to produce content in different languages.

Passion and hustle beats qualification and education any day of the week. We’re looking for passion, first and foremost. Passion for investing, passion for creating, and passion for learning. You don’t need to be an expert in anything, as long as you are willing to share your journey and your insights with others. Having experience in content creation is a plus, but you’ll also be provided with guidance and the support you need to be successful.

If your application is successful, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Build your personal brand and grow your community
  • Create authentic content with a personal touch, sharing your investment ideas and stories behind the alpha strategies
  • Spread the word on social media, promoting Bake, events and campaigns
  • Engage with your audience, answering questions and sparking discussions
  • Share your feedback with the Bake team to help shape future products and services

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