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Smart Bundles strategically combine multiple assets into a single investment opportunity. A single click buys an entire Smart Bundle with compounding yield on top.

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From Bitcoin to Gold and everything in between.

Picking a market-moving asset isn't easy. It's why seasoned investors stack the odds in their favor by diversifying. It not only reduces risk, but enhances the likelihood of backing a winner.

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Everything you need to systematically grow your portfolio.

Pay your way

Capitalize on opportunities as they happen, you choose how to top-up and pay.

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Monthly recurring buys

Take the pain out of timing the market and lower your overall average unit cost. Now you can buy at the right time, every time.

Monthly recurring buys

Compounding yield, twice a day

Smart Bundles earn yield, which is immediately reinvested to give you compounding returns. The longer you hold, the more you earn.

Monthly recurring buys

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