USDC Lending With 8% APY? Now That Sounds Tasty

USDC Lending With 8% APY? Now That Sounds Tasty

Jul 02,2021

Hey bakers,

We’ve said this time and time again; you — our community — mean the world to us, and everything we do is to ensure that you receive the best possible service on the Cake DeFi platform. So when you asked and told us you wanted USDC coin support, we didn’t just listen, we heard you and our team of busy bakers got to work on the integration.

All Cake DeFi users can now deposit USDC coins into their Cake DeFi accounts. But that’s not all! We’re taking things one step further by rolling out USDC lending with industry leading rates of 8% APY!

So now, whether you have BTC, ETH, USDT, USDC, or all the above, you can now partake in the lending service to maximise your returns. Entries for the first USDC Lending batch open on Monday 5 July, and the batch entry will go live on Friday 9 July. Like with all our other batches, your money will generate yield over a period of 4 weeks.

To access USDC lending on Cake DeFi, click ‘Products’ on the main menu, select ‘Lending’ and then hit ‘Enter’ on the USDC Lending Batch. You can also see more information about the batch including a service summary, a timeline and more information as to how lending on Cake DeFi works.

We believe in being fully transparent across our entire product and service range, so when you click ‘Enter’, you’ll see your expected return as well as the compounding feature you have chosen.

With Lending on Cake DeFi, you stand to gain returns on the entirety of your entry. Cake DeFi does not charge lending fees from users and is re-distributing the majority of the lending cake back to its bakers.

So don’t wait any longer — deposit your USDC coins into your Cake DeFi account to take advantage of one of the highest yield rates in the industry. If you don’t have a Cake DeFi account yet, then you can open one with just a few clicks. We also offer a $20 sign-up bonus for people who don’t know us yet.



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