Exploring Decentralized Finance with DeFiChain (DFI)

WHAT IS DEFI? Exploring Decentralized Finance with DeFiChain (DFI)

Feb 17,2023

If you’ve recently entered the world of cryptocurrency, you may have come across the term DeFi or Decentralized Finance. In this beginner-friendly guide, we will explore what DeFi is and delve into both DeFiChain, a prominent player in the domain of decentralized finance, and its native cryptocurrency DFI

What is DeFi?

DeFi, short for Decentralized Finance, refers to a range of financial applications built on blockchain technology that aim to disrupt traditional intermediaries. Unlike traditional banking systems, DeFi offers users direct access to services such as lending, borrowing, trading, insurance, and earning interest on assets. It eliminates the need for intermediaries, making financial transactions faster, peer-to-peer, and paperless.

Introducing DeFiChain

In 2019, the DeFiChain Foundation developed DeFiChain, a dedicated blockchain platform designed specifically for decentralized financial applications. The core principle behind DeFiChain is to empower individuals by giving them control over their finances. By leveraging the Bitcoin ecosystem, DeFiChain aims to make decentralized financial services accessible to everyone.

The Connection Between DeFiChain and Bitcoin

DeFiChain is a hard fork of Bitcoin. What does that mean? It means that much of DeFiChain’s programming code is similar to that of Bitcoin's.

Furthermore, similar to Bitcoin, DeFiChain is a non-turing complete blockchain. This  means it does not support any function apart from those needed for DeFi - which allows it to provide higher throughput and better functionality, specifically for decentralized applications (dApps) related to finance.

DeFiChain periodically anchors on the bitcoin blockchain. This means that for every few blocks, a specific data set from the DeFiChain blockchain is stored on the bitcoin blockchain.

So, why Bitcoin? 

In one of the earliest videos published by DeFiChain, Julian Hosp - a well-known contributor to DeFiChain - explained that “We wanted to develop something that is actually built around the ecosystem that we believe in the most, which is Bitcoin.

He continued to say that “Ethereum is quite exciting, but it has some challenges.. So, it made sense to have a foundation that is not for profit and start building decentralized finance on top of Bitcoin”

What Makes DeFiChain Uniquely Different from Bitcoin

Bitcoin's scalability is quite limited, as it suffers from slow transaction speed and expensive transaction costs on the base layer. For this reason, DeFiChain opted for a hybrid proof-of-stake/proof-of-work consensus mechanism instead of Bitcoin's proof-of-work.

Advantages of DeFiChain

DFI Utility 

Other Functions of DFI (DeFiChain Applications)

Today, DeFiChain is widely popular among proponents of DeFi as it supports various dApps such as tokenization of assets, wrapped tokens, decentralized oracles, liquidity mining and more. Top 50 in Total Value Locked (TVL).

For it’s part, DFI plays a particularly important role in the following dApps:

  • Decentralized assets - users may obtain loans in the form of dTokens (e.g. dTSLA, dGOOGL etc.) by creating vaults and depositing crypto as collateral with a minimum collateralization ratio of at least 150% (at least 50% has to be in DFI or DeFiChain's stablecoin DUSD).

  • The DEX (Decentralized Exchange): The DEX is the place where users can exchange DFI for other crypto or dTokens.

Other Interesting Facts About DFI

Similar to Bitcoin, DeFiChain also has a maximum supply of its native token. In fact, the maximum number of DFI ever in circulation is limited to 1.2 billion. Around half of those coins have already been distributed, and the rest should follow around five to seven years.

Also, anyone can submit a DeFiChain Improvement Proposals (DFIP) to modify an integral part of the blockchain or its mechanism, as well as a

Community Funding Proposal (CFP) to fund an individual project that would benefit the DeFiChain community and the whole DeFiChain ecosystem.

Applicants simply pay a 10 DFI fee.


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