10 interesting facts about Cake DeFi

10 interesting facts about Cake DeFi

Jun 17,2021

Cake DeFi is one of the major and most reputable companies when it comes to getting passive income on your cryptocurrencies.

Find out why, and what else our unassuming company with the cake logo and baker's hat menu has up its sleeve in this article about the 10 most exciting facts about Cake DeFi that you should definitely know.

Fact 1: Cake DeFi already serves over 500,000 happy customers

At the beginning of 2021, we were still serving under 50,000, but we can now already call over 500,000 people from all five continents our customers, or sometimes lovingly "bakers". A number that continues to grow rapidly. The reason for this?

Fact 2: Excellent Customer Support & Customer Retention

If you ever have a problem or even a simple question about Cake DeFi, our customer support is always ready to help you. No useless standard answers, but real help!

But that's not the only reason why Cake DeFi is so incredibly popular.

Fact 3: Over $49 million paid out to customers in May 2021 alone

Not only is Cake DeFi easy to use and incredibly fun to use, but you can also make some real money with it. In the month of May this year alone, "bakers" received a total of over 49 million USD in earnings paid out!

That makes an average earning of about $327 USD passive monthly income per customer, which is over $3900 USD a year. Free vacation, anyone? :-)

Fact 4: Baking unconditionally for over 2 years

The market can go up, the market can go down, it can move sideways, or it can even go in circles - admittedly, it can't do the last point, but one thing always remains certain: no matter how the market behaves, Cake DeFi will pay you your earnings on time.

The company has been running like Swiss clockwork for over 2 years now, and there has never been a problem with even a single payout.

Fact 5: The founders have an impressive background

Cake DeFi was co-founded in 2019 by Dr. Julian Hosp (CEO & Co-Founder) and U-Zyn Chua (CTO & Co-Founder).

U-Zyn Chua is a blockchain architect from the beginning and has developed one of the first Exchanges in Asia, worked on a blockchain project for the government of Singapore, as well as recently developed the Digital Bahamian Dollar based on blockchain technology in collaboration with the Central Bank of Bahamas.

Dr. Julian Hosp left behind a promising medical career to turn to entrepreneurship, and is now the biggest crypto influencer in the German-speaking market with nearly 200,000 followers on YouTube alone and two published bestsellers on the topic of cryptocurrencies, even ranking among the top 10 financial channels in Germany.

Fact 6: Secure in the financial centre Singapore

Singapore is a global financial center, with clear and strict regulations. There are few countries in the world where financial service providers are watched as well and in the best interest of the customer as in Singapore.

A big advantage specifically for Cake DeFi is that it is clear how Singapore stands on cryptocurrencies and what crypto companies like Cake DeFi have to abide by. This is something that still raises a big question mark and brings uncertainty for most crypto companies in other countries.

On top of that, Singapore generally has such strict laws that there is virtually no crime here in general.

So with Cake DeFi, you're definitely on the safe side (of this world). :-)

Fact 7: Over 150 countries are served by Cake DeFi

From wherever you are reading these lines here, it is very likely that you may use Cake DeFi.

This may sound trivial, but a lot of Cake DeFi's competitors exclude countries like the US or Germany because they don't meet the strict required regulations in those countries. At Cake DeFi this is not a problem, and we are of course happy to welcome you as a customer!

Fact 8: Open & Transparent even as a private company

There is probably no other private company that is as transparent, open and honest as Cake DeFi.

Through the quarterly transparency reports, you always know exactly how Cake DeFi has developed over the past quarter and what the next planned steps are.

From small details that have been worked on, to new team members and planned products, to overall development and key performance indicators, you'll find everything there is to know about Cake DeFi in these transparency reports.

Speaking of team members, you can also find our Employee Spotlight Playlist on YouTube, where you can get to know the team and people behind Cake DeFi better.

Do you know of any other private company that is so transparent?

Fact 9: Strong financial position

One big difference between Cake DeFi and many other financial services companies - especially in the cryptocurrency space - is that the company is in such a strong financial position that it could easily survive more than two years without any revenue at all.

Since as you can see in the transparency reports our revenues are not only stable, but already net positive and practically just growing, this scenario is already extremely unlikely.

However, it's always good to know that even in the worst case scenario, Cake DeFi is a sustainable, long-term safe place for your investments.

Fact 10: Crypto returns without luck-based timing and trading

The big problem with cryptocurrencies is - or rather, was - that unlike stocks or real estate, they don't yield cash flow, and actual profit thus only comes from buying and selling again.

This causes many investors to repeatedly try their luck at trading or timing the market - which not infrequently ends in the same misery as a novice chef slicing open a pomegranate for the first time.

With Cake DeFi, you don't have that problem, because we do all the work for you, and we've been doing it for over two years without a single hitch. Simply amazing, isn't it? :-)

If you haven't registered for Cake DeFi yet, now is your chance to do so - with instant profit.



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